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Thinking Mechanics Coaching

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Unleashing the potential of your people.

"Your mind doesn't know what to think, it believes what ever you tell it" - Greg Gardiner, Psychologist

Discover a transformative approach to workplace engagement with Thinking Mechanics mindset coaching platform.


Surprisingly, only 23% of the global workforce consider themselves 'engaged,' costing a staggering $8.8 trillion USD annually, as per Gallup's latest State of Workplace Report.


Break free from conventional methods like annual reviews and town halls – our dedicated, inquiry-based, listening-focused coaching is the key to unlocking untapped potential and igniting a renewed passion in your team.

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Introducing 'Thinking Mechanics,' an unparalleled peak performance coaching methodology crafted by Nicholas King.


Dive into the essence of personal performance development with an emphasis on the transformative power of thinking management.

Unveiling an extraordinary reservoir of untapped potential, this methodology transcends traditional boundaries.


Elevate your self-perception and redefine interactions with your environments, unlocking unparalleled opportunities for profound self-transformation.


Experience the pinnacle of personal growth with 'Thinking Mechanics.

Hello, my name is Nicholas King and I am the Founder of Thinking Mechanics. I have a passion to unlock and release previously unrealised potential of people. 


Jessy George

East Asia Training Manager, George Clinical

" It is not possible for me to forget something that effected such a drastic change in my way of thinking.
Thank you once again! "

Sheb Giner

Founder & CEO, Mindhealth Services

" I got so much clarity  on which path to take  in my business. His wealth of knowledge for implementing sales and marketing strategies is amazing "

Violeta Perez

ANZ Public Sector Solution Architect, Oracle

" The process genuinely helps to unleash the person within. "


Want the people in your business to go to the next level?👇

One pager info sheet about Thinking Machanics that you can share

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