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Inspirational and Transformational Speaker

Keynotes and presentations that will make your audiences leave a room aware of new ways of thinking about themselves, their capability as an individual and motivated to step out and pursue their dreams they have previously thought are unattainable. 

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What will your audience receive?

The goal of every speech I do is to do achieve one thing - provide your audience the opportunity to become inspired. My goal in every speech is to breath into the lives of each participant to help them understand who they truly are, the authority they have as individuals and to ignite a flame of inspiration that sparks the furnace of transformation.  

Keynote Speech 
Becoming a Thinking Mechanic

A nut and bolts approach to self-leadership


A story about a revelation centre around the truth that is your mind doesn't know what to think - it believes what ever you tell it.

This keynote will provide an authentic understanding of who we are and how we are all uniquely created to truly reign and prosper in our lives.


Be a master of your own thinking. Be the leader of your own thoughts. Train your thoughts so that you develop a thinking-habit that empowers you and allows you to understand the opportunities that exist in your life. You have a set of gifts. A unique combination of talents, beliefs, skills and dreams that added together allow you to create an existence as unique as a person's finger print. 



Keynote Speech 
The epicentre of employee well-being, prosperity & corporate growth

Does turning up to work, as an employee, to get a salary and then go home to repeat this day in day out really cut it in today's economy?

This keynote will challenge what we think it is to be an employee (or franchisee, or partner or.....) instead we are intrapraneurs that pioneer new ways of working that gives birth to intrapraneering allowing us all to live our purpose and work to our passions all whilst working within .a business


The keynote will explore the four key attributes to enable people within the workforce to live in their purpose helping to deliver increased value to an organisation and to help company's achieve a level of engagement they have never experienced before..



Interested? Please contact us so we can connect and discuss how we can help you.

Thank you so much. We will contact you to discuss our Thinking Mechnics program and how this can help you in your journey.

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