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Welcome to Thinking Mechanics

Helping to transform lives through healthy thinking habits.

Got a problem with negative thinking? Read a lot about how to have "positive thoughts"? Want to improve your thoughts about you and the world? Don't know where to start to get your mindset right? Need tactics, tools and ideas about how you can improve your thinking today?

Keep up-to-date with blog posts, upcoming videos and future podcasts. All designed to help you improve your thinking.

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Hello, my name is Nicholas and you have been kind enough to visit the fourth love affair of my life (behind my wife and my three children).

Thinking Mechanics is a resource to help YOU.  We are here to do one thing and one thing only. Help anyone that has a daily thinking pattern that they know is not helping them thrive and prosper.

So, who are we and what can we do for you?

Good question and if you can lend us just another 2 mins - we'll explain - as briefly as possible.


Thinking Mechanics exists based on a passion revealed through my own personal revelation three and a half years ago (the meaning of the word "revelation" always gives us goosebumps - take a look here). Even today, I can remember the day that my life intrinsically changed like it was yesterday. You can read more about this in our first blog post here. To cut a long story short (you can read the nitty gritty bits in the blog post) I walked into the office of the psychologist I was seeing at the time feeling very bad and thinking really bad thoughts. I left the office absolutely liberated, free and empowered. I have never had the same thinking since. What freed me that day was a very simple sentence - which was;

"Your mind doesn't know what to think - it believes what ever you tell it"

For me personally, it was the "key" that opened the "door". It helped me to understand and believe that how I think and what I think about is completely my choice. As importantly, I came to terms with the truth that my thoughts also have massive implications to the life I experience.  In fact, my thoughts create my life...period.

Thinking Mechanics exists to help others who may "suffer" the same thought-life and need to help to set themselves free. The importance of this is tied to the fact that what you think about - and add belief to - will, eventually, manifest into your life. 

This site is a chronicle. A very personal one. My goal is to use what I have learnt to change and transform my life. For now, this site is a view of my personal journey to achieve this goal. It is through this journey I will mature, grow, and prosper to become the best version of myself so I may then impart on to others how they can do the same.

Thank you for visiting us. Please take a look through our blog. To hear more from us, please subscribe to our blog as we would really like to stay in touch.


Please also send us your thoughts, details of your journey, and/or ideas regarding topics we can discuss on this site. Email us at:

Revelation meaning: originates from late latin meaning "to lay bare" the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence.

revelation meaning
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