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Thinking Mechanics is here (finally). So, what are we?

Well, first, thank you for coming to the our website. Second, thank you for starting to read the blog post. We really appreciate it and will never take your time for granted.

Thinking Mechanics was created after one of those cliched light bulb moments in time. The founder of the business, what we call the Chief Mechanic (or Chief from now on), was receiving counselling based on the fact he was beginning to get tired (and really frustrated) with his own thinking. You know, that type of thinking that just doesn't help. That thinking that means you wake up feeling blah, you go to work thinking "what am I doing??" and you do a days work thinking "why am I doing this?" and by the end of the day you just want to go to bed. It is that spiraling thought pattern that made our Chief exclaim to his counselor, "I am not suicidal but I really have had enough of being me!"

Little did our Chief know that this one outburst (or cry for help) would put him face-to-face with a revelation that would start the journey of transforming his life and of those closest to him. The counselor confirmed to the Chief that he had a "antidote" to his bad thinking. That the cure was very simple. It centered solely around a phrase that when proclaimed to the Chief had an instant and transformationing effect which resulted in a very personal revelation. That phrase was simply this;

Your mind doesn't know what to think - it believes whatever you tell it

The revelation was immediate, completely liberating, and was instantly empowering. It within seconds gave birth to the Thinking Mechanics concept and helped the Chief begin the journey of understanding his purpose which was written down the day after as;

"To be a speaker on Thinking Mechanics that inspires people to activate change and understand their life purpose"

From a personal perspective it was the first time in the Chief's life he suddenly had clarity and a level of purpose he had never experienced before. He didn't want this to end. He also felt an unshakable need and desire to help others, who ever they are, to also received this "enlightenment" to free them from the tyranny of their own thinking.

Thinking Mechanics was born with the ultimate goal of helping people essentially become a mechanic of their own thoughts. To be able to develop a "how-to" instruction manual of unpacking their own mind and rebuilding it in such a way that inspires life transformation in them selves and of those closest to them. Thinking Mechanics goal is to rid the world of "stinking thinking' and to help develop Thinking Mechanics world over who understand that when you tune a person's thinking you provide them with everything they need to live a life they may have only dreamed about.

Thanks for visiting the website. Until the next post - Think Good.

Chief Mechanic, Nicholas King.

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