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The power of "the start"

A recent lesson for the Thinking Mechanics clan taught them a really powerful lesson on thought-life. As we travel along the journey to become mechanics of our own thinking we continue to learn new ways of ensuring our thoughts empower us and help us to live a prosperous life.

For years the Chief has been thinking about the idea of Thinking Mechanics and pondering how he can start the process of developing a website and more importantly what he would put in it.

That pondering went on a for a while which included times of life getting in the way which gave the Chief further reason to ponder some more.

Then, finally, out-of -the-blue the Chief realising that no amount of pondering was going to start anything. Only starting something will, well, start it.

It's a simple thought-empowering strategy and that is the power of "the start".

Starting something that has meaning to you positions you in a mental state that can only be achieved and experienced once you have turned on the power of "the start".

So, what is "the start". Well, it's a very simple action that has a huge impact. Everyday we start tasks and finish them. We go to work and go home. We start ironing a shirt and finish that (hopefully). We start stuff all day. Then, there are the items we start but don't finish. Applying for a new job, laying turf in the back garden, washing up and the list goes on. Then we have things we want to start but we never do. The things that really matter to us. Those things we ponder about all the time. So, why do we not start them? Well, in many cases they can involve two things that have a huge impact on how and what we think which then has a corresponding impact on what we do. Fear and pain - sometimes it can be fear of pain. Thinking Mechanics, believe it or not, was not started due to the fear that it would never eventuate to anything and also the perceived pain that would be experienced if what was feared about eventuated. It even sounds ridiculous (and not very humble in retrospect) but they were real things and stopped this website being created.

Then, seemingly out of no where, the desire to "just write one blog post" outweighed the pondering thoughts and up popped this website. Suddenly, as soon as the computer was switched on to give birth to something very subtle but powerful occurred - The Start. Fear and pain left the #1 podium in the Chief's head and were replaced by Hope. We had started. It can be likened to when a new ship is launched from a dry dock. Placed on a slight angle they are locked in place ready to slide into the water along a single guiding track. The ship can be in the locked position for a while before it is released. Once released - it is very hard to stop the motion as the ship gains momentum sliding along the track before the it hits the water and floats for the first time. Many people are locked in place pondering and wondering about started "that thing". Then, a catalyst appears and the lock is released. It has started. Slow at the beginning but there is no turning back. Here-we-go.

For Thinking Mechanics The Start has helped develop a whole new set of thoughts. Empowering in nature and focused on others rather then on self.

The Start - it's a powerful but very subtle tool in the Thinking Mechanics utility belt.

What have you pondered for a long time? What matters to you? What have you imagined beginning but never started?

Our advice at Thinking Mechanics - just start. Release the lock and start rolling. If what you started truly matters to you - then you'll never look back - the journey has just started! Exciting.

Until next time - Think well. Thick Good.

The Chief.

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