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Tough times are the best times!

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Hi Thinking Mechanics.

Welcome back to another thought provoking installment of what we love speaking a lot about - your thoughts and how these can help you win and be the best person and version of you.

Lets get cracking shall we?

The chief thinking mechanic was sitting on the top of Burleigh Hill with his wife (affectionately name mamma-mechanic) slurping on a coffee on what had to be the coldest day on the Gold Coast whilst watching some belter waves come crashing through the famous Burleigh break. A great conversation began which included a review of mamma mechanic's candid conversation with her sister the day before. This involved a spontaneous discussion about how mamma mechanics sister went through some very hard times early in her life. Mamma mechanic's sister has been very successful and is grateful and humble about the opportunities she has been able to have in her life. It was one comment about the conversation that was the inspiration for this post. Mumma Mechanics sister said "you know what....?" "i am so thankful for those tough days at the beginning" "they helped make me who I am today"

This is Thinking Mechanics gold dust.

There are times in all our lives that can feel like we are suffering. That we find ourselves in a set of circumstances that seem unfair and unjust. It can be anything, in the modern age it can be the difficulties we can experience with money, marriage, raising our children, our spiritual journey, our health and the list goes on and on.

At Thinking Mechanics we believe and know to be the truth that out of all situations we can learn something. That the situations we find ourselves in in life can provide us the opportunity to evolve as an individual. We know, from personal experience, that this is easier said than done but that doesn’t mean it cannot and should not happen.

Trials, hardships, difficulties - whatever we call them - in life can be looked at one of two ways. They exists because that’s “our lot” in life or they are in our life to help teach us something. Most importantly, tough situations have the huge potential of preparing us for what lies ahead in our life. It can seem hard to gain perspective when you are “in it” to lift your thinking and thoughts out of the trial you face. Difficulty can be compared and likened to an athlete training hour upon hour in what is a tough and grueling regime to “prepare” for what is to come - the opportunity to compete and go for a medal in some amazing competition. You may say "...but the athlete knows their "trial" is coming to and end...I don't"

To help lift yourself out of the situation you face is to understand the following;

  1. One way or another your situation will end. It won’t go on for ever based on the simple truth your physical body's life is finite.

  2. What ever situation you find yourself in you must agree with yourself you are there based on thoughts, beliefs and actions you have had and taken (100% responsibility is something we talk a lot about at thinking mechanics - does wonders for your thought life)

So, yep, we get it - still doesn’t change what you are going through. If we go back to how Thinking Mechanics started was based on the dazzling truth that lies in the saying that is “your mind doesn’t know what to think - it believes whatever you tell it”. How you think and what you think about in situations that are not as you would like them to be is so important. It can seem to be hard to cease having thoughts that you know intuitively are not helping you. So - how can we ensure we start telling our brains stuff that helps it help us?

Well, questions are a really good starting point. Sounds odd but it can help you shift your mental perspective on your own situation. Helps you look down on you if you will. So, questions we have learnt that helped are;

  1. If I could do that last [insert period weeks/month/years] what would I not do again?

  2. If I was talking to a friend - who was going through exactly the same stuff as me, what would I tell them if they asked me “how can i get out of [insert issue]?

  3. What will I do in my life that i have not done before that can help me get out of [insert issue]?

One of the key things you can start doing (action always helps to gravitate you to “solution thinking”) is start journalling or just simply writing down what you are going through and the thoughts you are having. If you don’t like writing or don’t have the time then simply record yourself and one of the million of voice recorder apps out there. Talk to you. You will be surprised how much you can learn from, well, yourself.

One of the best teachers in your life is yourself. You just need to give yourself the opportunity to do what great teachers do - ask good questions, learn from the past to apply to the future and realise nothing, on this ert anyway, stays the same forever.

Until next time, think well and think good. You deserve it.

Blessings from the Chief Mechanic

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