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When I grow up - I want to be a farmer.

Sow your thoughts so you harvest a great life!

Hi Thinking Mechanics.

Welcome back! There is so much content out there aimed at helping and adding value to peoples lives so we hope we can play a part in helping your life mature and grow.

We have so much that we want to write and such a little bit of screen space to put it in ; )

Let's get started with this week's pondering and how we can all help ourselves by improving our thinking. It is simple to write but in practice it can sometimes be “hard” to consistently achieve a thought-life that results in a better life. To help with this we want to focus on the concept (in fact it is a “life law”) of what you reap is based on what you sow. It is in fact one of the basic and fundamental teachings in the Bible (a very good book for your thoughts may we add). It provides us a very simple instruction and that is this: “give (sow) and it will be given to you (reap)”. The image we think of is of a farmer planting his crops (sowing) and then subsequently harvesting the result (reaping). What he “gave” to the land was handed back to him having increased (matured) in comparison to the form he had first sowed it in.

As we have explored in our previous post our thoughts are very important based on the fact they have a huge influence on the life experience we have. There is now a lot of literature/evidence published that talks about how our “thoughts are things” which may sound odd but neurologically, they can see thoughts. If our thoughts are “things” then it doesn’t need too much of a leap to then understand how our thoughts, literally, affect the material world we live in. This last point can take time to dissolve and understand. There is now so much evidence that proves that this is the case...our thoughts...have a direct impact on what you experience in our lives.

So, how does the sowing and reaping thing work in our lives? Well, put really simply, what you think about, what you “sow” by your thoughts, you will physically “reap” in your life. Think of your thoughts as the seeds being planted in the ground. What is returned? What will you reap and harvest? Well, your thoughts “mature” in the sense that they will “grow” into their physical equivalent. You “physically” reap what you “sowed” in thoughts. In addition, much like a plant or a tree that produces seeds to help it “multiply”, so what we physically experience then also multiplies our thoughts so that we continue to experience “multiples” of the same thing. Cool hey! There is a catch though. This applies to good, empowering, life-giving thoughts as well as demeaning, unconstructive, disempowering thoughts. Basically, what you experience breeds thoughts that ensure you continue to experience the same thing. One perpetuates the other.

Ok, so - really important disclaimer time. As we know this is maybe not the first time you have heard/read about how you can just think about stuff and it will just happen. Thinking Mechanics crew also appreciate that amazing things also, sometimes, need our involvement as well as healthy thinking. You need to do something. You need to take action. Your thinking and what actions you take (or don’t take) are very interlinked - basically - if you get your thinking right you will take the actions in-line with those thoughts. It's like how our legs and arms work in unison when we walk. Nonetheless - you need both - thoughts + action = results.

Disclaimer over-and-out

So - what can we learn from the sowing and reaping rule that we can apply practically to our lives? Well, it is really is. As we say at Thinking Mechanics - “to have a life you have never had you need to do things you have never done”. What this means is that at some level - your life is essentially the physical proof (what you harvest) of your thought life (what you have sowed). If you want to change your life then your thinking has a big part to play in achieving it. You need to start thinking in a away you have not done before.

That is all well and good - easier said than done. We get that. Changing your thoughts can seem like trying to run through treacle. You don’t get very far and it can be really tiring! We get that because we ourselves at Thinking Mechanics experience the sometimes roller coaster ride of our thoughts. We will talk more about how you can empower yourself to c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t-l-y have thoughts that positively affect your life in future posts (or even a video...ohhhhhhhh).

Just remember - whatever you are thinking about right now (what are you thinking about right now??) is a choice you are making. Changing your thoughts is simply a choice away.

So, let's all be farmers of great thoughts. Let’s ensure that what we harvest is a great, healthy, amazing crop of a brilliant life experience. It’s a choice away.

Until the next time - think well, think good.

Blessings from the Thinking Mechanics team.

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