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Developing healthy thoughts using a “Trigger Stone”

The trigger stone

You may ask what is a “trigger stone”? Well, let's explain. Our goal with our post is to provide you with words that nourish your thoughts with the hope you are inspired along your journey of life transformation. So, the story of the “trigger stone” goes back to a walk along the beach quite some years ago now. The Thinking Mechanics family were walking casually along when I, Nicholas, found a really smooth stone. It wasn't that it was any smoother than other stones around it but it was the one that created a thought in my head. When I picked up the stone I looked at it closely and saw that its smooth contours were not how this stone probably started its life. It was obvious that the stone had experienced a fair amount of “shaping” for it to achieve this almost perfectly oval smooth shape. I turned to look at the ocean and on that day the waves slapping on to the beach were doing so in a uniform manner. They were approaching the beach lining up like planes landing at an airport. The thought I had contemplated how the motion of the waves and the ocean had smoothed out the stone. That the stone would have started out in a very different form. Through the continuous and unrelenting motion of the waves and ocean, as well as interacting and encountering other stones, it was slowly transformed by its rough contours being smoothed out. I realised how we can apply so much of what we see in the world around us to our own individual lives. Life parallels I have found to be an important area of teaching for me personally in my journey of improving my thought life and mind set. The stone taught me a life parallel. The stone, as you may have already guessed, represents us, people. The ocean, waves and other stones represent life, its trials, its joys and the other people we meet and interact with. They all have some part to play in “shaping” us. In our life we can develop “rough edges” that are attitudes, beliefs, and opinions from experiences and people we encounter along our life journey. You may, like I have at Thinking Mechanics, got to a point in your life where you have decided to transform and live a life you believe you have been tasked to achieve, that is, your purpose. As part of that process, you, like that stone, may need to be smoothed out a bit. That what you experience in your life, as part of fulfilling your purpose is necessary in order for you to fill your purpose. That what may seem to be impossible, difficult, annoying and hard is what is needed to get you to where you need to be. The stone on the beach is still with me. It is called the “trigger stone” as it always “triggers” my thinking to remember that I am “work-in-progress”. I am not a finished article yet. I am transforming by smoothing out my rough edges. Whenever I think life doesn't seem to be matching up with how I want it to be I think of that stone being battered, crashed, walloped and thrown around on its journey to that beach where I found it. That without that journey it would never have been able to have achieved the smooth state I found it in. It's the same for our lives. It may seem, from one perspective, that where we find ourselves in our lives is a place we would not have necessarily chosen. That we think it is a “mistake”. That is just one perspective though. Another perspective is that you are a work-in-progress. You are being refined, shaped and transformed to help you become the best version of your yourself. In fact, you are going through your life in order to become the version you need to be. I need to always remind myself of this point. The “trigger stone” for me makes me aware every time that no matter what, every step in my life is an opportunity and progress towards being a better version of myself. We hope that helps provide some nourishment along your life's great journey. Until the next time...think well and think good. Thinking Mechanics

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