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Self Inspiration - life transformation - 1 step at a time

Mountains - the physical perspective we have in achieving our life's dreams. Very possible - we just need to be willing to make some sacrifices to get there.

I once, 17 years ago, had the immense privilege to view Everest at a proximity most do not. I traveled to Lhasa, The capital of Tibet. An amazing two week journey over land delivered me to Rongbuk Monastery which feels like it is positioned on the hem of Everest's skirt. There is an amazing up close view of this magnificent mass of land towering to the summit which can be seen along with the whisper of white cloud flickering of the very top nib.

I promised myself that I would treat Thinking Mechanics as a chronicle. A diary that would follow my journey of implementing the truths I have come to learn in my life. To be what I know I can be. This means the whole journey, the great bits, the good bits, and the not-so-good bits. It was the other night - in a sea of doubt the following came flooding out of me. I share this as an unedited version. I hope, apart from myself - it is an encouraging word to someone who is also, or is contemplating, embarking on a journey of transformation.


Everest. Its existence sometimes makes me think it was put there as a blatant and obvious metaphor for life. Not just for life but for life when one has decided once and for all their dreams are no longer adequate as dreams and that the journey has to begin to weave them into reality.

The climb starts...slow at the start. Questions arise, thoughts become confused. Doubt, fear and trembling set it. All you can hear is "turn back, turn around!!" but this is no longer an intellectual pursuit. The drive is coming from your heart. The furnace that drives all creation. Thought has turned to belief which has blossomed into Faith. Everything says you are not prepared. You are not a "summit" kinda person. How dare you think you could do this. Safety, warmth and comfort beckon and tantalise. Temptation of stopping is becoming as strong as the need to carry on. Everything around you including your own senses are shouting to you stop...STOP!

There is one voice, one encourager that is saying keep going. You can do this. You have everything that is necessary to make this. You are all you need. You possess everything that is required for this task.

Your fear is just an indication of how much you want your dream to be real. You take the step. You move. The summit seems impossible but the next step is not. You realise that just being there is a sure enough indication that success is yours to grasp. Every step taken makes the next step just ever so slightly easier. Every step seems to be the antidote you need to smother the chatter of doubt and increase the voice of Faith. As you begin to stretch and progress you understand that not only is success within your grasp but that you have complete dominion, authority and power of your success or failure. That what you experience, the challenges you encounter and the seemingly impossibility of the situation are all a matter of the perspective and beliefs you place on it. The tools and abilities you have are what is necessary to complete the task you found compelling enough to start in the first place. Progress, no matter how small, helps to inform you that what you have is more than enough. You realise as the journey advances you find yourself no longer craving safety but instead feel alive . Your Faith begins to breed Faith. Your thoughts begin to change what you are saying. "I can do this". You begin to shout "I am a summit guy! Your mood changes, your body alters, you truly begin to climb.

Lets toast to be the very best versions of ourselves - what ever it takes.

Thinking Mechanics.

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