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Do I Matter?

Hi Thinking Mechanicians, we hope you are well, and that you realise that you are a unique person who has the capabilities necessary to achieve the dreams you have contemplated for so long. Thinking Mechanics is here to help not only ourselves but you as well on the journey of changing how you think. It is a cornerstone for anyone who would like to instigate some level of change in their life. How you think about yourself and the world around you has huge implications on your life experiences. We are here to help and provide perspective on how you can empower yourself to live a life you may have only dreamt about. So, this week's contemplation sounds a bit heavy hitting. Do I really matter? Have you ever asked yourself that question? It's a deep one so we will keep it on the light side for now. The inspiration for this post came from a really lovely memory the Thinking Mechanics crew has which is stored away for the psychological equivalent of a rainy day. The memory goes something like this… At the airport some 5 years ago, the Thinking Mechanics crew was not having a good day. This was before the revelation around the importance of thought management appeared in the Thinking Mechanics crew’s life. So, needless to say, the thoughts that were occurring on this day were not that healthy. In fact they were quite destructive. They centred a lot around a pervasive thought that simply said “what's the point?” To expand on that the Thinking Mechanics crew were dealing with a cyclical thought that questioned whether what they were doing really matter anyway? In fact, the question that really did the damage was “do I really matter?” We look back on that day now and can only imagine the body language and posture we must have had. Out of the blue a previous team member of a sales team the Thinking Mechanics crew used to manage appeared and after recognising us they shouted a surprised ”Hi!”. We will call them Bob (not their actual name). Jolted out of the bad thinking we responded “Bob, my goodness, how are you!?” Up to this point we had not seen Bob for about 5 years. We embarked with an energetic conversation which help us catch up on each other's lives which included the fact that children had appeared (our children, not just random children) as well as us both getting married. It was at the end of the conversation as we both realised that our respective planes were boarding that the little nugget of inspiration occurred. After going our separate ways in opposite directions Bob then suddenly turned around and said quite loudly “hey...I never forget the sausage rolls...I do that for my team something I never forget...thank you!” What Bob was referring to was a time when the Thinking Mechanics crew managed a sales team based in Sydney who were cold calling prospects in New Zealand. This meant our hours were based on the New Zealand time zone, 2 hours ahead of Australia. This meant we started at 6am (we started calling people at the time most people were still contemplating getting out of bed!) and we finished at 3pm. The Thinking Mechanics crew were always so impressed with the team who always, always turned up at 5.30am in the morning. They were so dedicated and loyal that the Thinking Mechanics crew decided to surprise the team every week with a morning snack personalised for each team members to say “thank you for being so dedicated”. Bob loved sausage rolls so he always rejoiced with the sausage roll surprise. So, what is the point? Well, you do matter. You have interacted with many people in your life, you have said and done things for people who would have never forgotten that moment. You may have forgotten, they didn't. In fact, you maybe one of their most cherished memories. You-matter-to-that-person. The Thinking Mechanics crew draw a parallel between the trial left behind the journey of a snail or the wake of a jumbo jet cruising at 38,000 feet and how this can be compared to the journey of our lives. We leave a remanence of ourselves every where we go. That remanence can become someone's greatest memory, greatest inspiration to be a better person or an example they begin to follow in their lives (see our post about becoming what you copy here). Never, n-e-v-e-r doubt or question how much you matter. If you ever do, think about people that have mattered to you. Think about people that have made an impact on your life and how that helped you. The point is, how you have just thought about that person means that someone, somewhere has thought or is thinking about you in exactly the same way. We hope that has help you grow great thoughts. Until the next time. God Bless. Thinking Mechanics.


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