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How trees can help our thinking

Trees - so good as an example of living a great life. Tree help us train our thinbking...great things, majestic things all start off as a seed...a thought.

Trees, aren't they just amazing. We quite possibly have an unhealthy obsession with trees at Thinking Mechanics but how can we not marvel at how amazing they are. The tree in the picture is adjacent to a river close to where Thinking Mechanics are based from. We always stop and look up through the branches to take stock of how amazing it is. How long did it take to get to this size? What did it need to overcome to get to this majestic stature? The crazy thought is that this beautiful and amazing dinosaur-like life started of as...a seed.

The other day the Thinking Mechanics family were walking through a beautiful rain forest in the heart of the Gold Coast and as we were walking through and looking up through the canopy of the trees our attention was drawn to the forest interior. There seemed to be as many, if not more, little sapling trees as there was big elephant-like adult trees.. The babies, ever so slowing transforming and stretching to reach the canopy to join their big brothers and sisters.

It was at that moment that one of those great life parallels entered into the Thinking Mechanics head. Life teaches you about life. There are so many parallels we can draw on from our everyday experiences that if applied to our daily lives will help us in our journey to grow, prosper, thrive and fulfill the ultimate expression of who we are. Yep, almost like one of those little sapling trees.

At Thinking Mechanics we are on the journey. By no means have we reached our destination...not even close. We encounter the struggles we all encounter as we traverse our daily lives. But it is taking moments like looking up through the tree in the picture. Scanning the rain forest floor and turning our attention to the canopy above and realizing that all of this can be translated back to our lives.

Like trees - we all have the potential to grow, to thrive...to ultimately produce what we were birthed to do...to produce the fruit, the flower or nut we were always destined and created to give. Isn't it sometimes the case though that we can feel like a sapling...looking up above us at the canopy and the other bigger and what seem to be more established trees. As we do our thoughts begin to get influenced as we start thinking "...will I ever get there? Will I have been part of the canopy (success) like those other trees (other people I see)???"

As we write this our heart beat is becoming slightly elevated. We are inspiring ourselves...gotta love that.

Like a sapling tree, if it just keeps growing - if it just keeps going on - if it just keeps looking up and saying...one day...I'm gonna be a big tree then it will be.

We all started as a seed, We all want to grow into "something". We all want to reach our own version of life's forest canopy. You can. You really can.

Have we reached our metaphorical canopy at Thinking Mechanics? Nope. Will we? Absolutely. As long as you keep growing, keep feeding yourself. keep looking up, not down (looking at your future, not your past) then you are placing yourself in a position that will help you to grow, flourish and mature.. Like a tree though - isn't it the truth that there are certain things it needs to keep growing to eventually become part of the canopy? Llike in our lives we need to do certain things to help ourselves grow. We believe these thing to be the following;

1. Your thoughts - we have come to learn that it takes as much belief to NOT think you capable of XYZ than is it to absolutely BELIEVE you ARE capable of XYZ. Remember - your mind doesn't know what to think - it BELIEVES what ever you tell. Well, start telling it that you are a canopy dweller - you may be closer to the forest floor right now but that doesn't mean that you will not be and